Standard Fire Protection

Historically, standard fixed fire suppression systems have been designed in accordance with a very specific list of prescribed requirements such as those found in installation codes. Using these prescriptive rules to design fire suppression systems has proven to be successful since many years.

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Performance Based Design

The use of engineering tools to develop fire protection solutions that take into account the unique aspects of a facility or operation in the development of an overall fire protection strategy within the context of a specific performance objective is known as Performance Based Design.

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Water Mist Solutions

The innovative Low Pressure Water Mist technology combines the best of two worlds. With Low Pressure Water Mist you can benefit from the advantages of a sprinkler system combined with those of a high pressure water mist system. Offices, hotels, hospitals, parking garages and many other premises can be protected by Low Pressure Water Mist Systems.

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Special Hazard Protection

Whether you have Oil, Gas & Chemical Plants, Dry Bulk Handling Installations, High Rise Buildings, Public Infrastructure Projects, we deliver the right solution for the different Fire Protection challenges.

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Maintenance & Interventions

In the event of an operational malfunction, our service staff provide you with assistance and initiate trouble-shooting procedures round-the-clock. Our inspection specialists ensure that the functionality of your system is quickly restored following any deployment.

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Basic Fire Sytems Training

We understand that training your personnel to ensure they can act quickly and efficiently in the event of an alarm or fire is crucial to minimize potential for damage, injury and interruption to your business. We offer different training modules on a group basis, each of which contribute in satisfying your needs for different user groups.

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Quality & Certifications

  • » BOSEC - ISO 9001:2015 - VCA PETRO
  • » NFPA Member
  • » BFSN Member
  • » Quell Authorized Dealer
  • » Cold Store Service Partner
  • » EconAqua & ULF Mist Systems Dealer


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