Foam - Sprinkler Systems

Foam-Water Systems most commonly use the balanced pressure proportioning method for flammable liquid fire protection applications. They are designed to accurately control the flow of a foam liquid concentrate into a water stream over a wide range of flow rates and pressures. Two basic types, bladder tanks and pump systems, require the foam concentrate pressure to be balanced with the water pressure at the proportioner which meters the proper amount of foam concentrate into the water stream. The resulting foam solution is piped to discharge devices protecting the hazard area.

Typical Foam – Sprinkler applications:

» Warehouses

» Special Class A Foam Concentrates for Use with Solid Fuel Fires and for Forest Firefighting

» Class B Hydrocarbon Fuel Fires Such as Crude Oils, Gasoline, Diesel Fuels & Aviation Fuels

» Class B Polar Solvent Fuel fires such as Methyl Alcohol, Acetone & Ethyl Alcohol Loading Racks


Foam Systems Applications

Difficult to extinguish storage tank fires are more controllable with special design air-aspirating storage tank foam discharge units.
Foam Chambers generate and apply expanded foam down the inside wall of the tank in a manner that lessens submergence and agitation as the foam contacts the fuel surface. High Back-Pressure Foam Makers generate expanded foam for subsurface injection into cone-roof liquid hydrocarbon storage tanks.
For open-top construction storage tanks with double-deck or pontoon-type floating roofs, we install Rim Seal Foam Pourers or Floating Roof Foam Makers. The Floatong Roof Makers also protect surrounding locations by dropping foam over dike walls or directing flow across potential spill areas.

Furthermore depending on the specific application we install:

» FireDos Systems

» Inline Inductors

» Medium Expansion Foam Branchpipes

» Handline nozzles & Eductors

High-Expansion Foam Systems

Large spaces can mean large fires. High-Expansion Foam Generators quickly fill hazardous areas containing multiple obstacles with massive volumes of foam, overwhelming the fire and preventing large-scale damage. The foam completely fills the volume from floor to ceiling to suppress three-dimensional fires. Foam bubbles transport water to the fire, suffocate and cool the fire, suppress escaping vapors, and encapsulate toxic vapors and particulate. Because of the high-expansion ratio of the generator, little water is required to produce large quantities of foam. This dramatically cuts the cost and reduces the system footprint, while minimizing the potential for hazardous run-off.

Typcial Installations are:

» Aircraft Hangars

» Engine Test Cells

» Flammable Liquid Storage

» Gas Turbine Generators

» Hazardous Waste Storage

» Paper product & Tire Warehouses

» Power stations & Transformer rooms

Monitor Installations (Water/Foam)

A monitor is a directional control device which delivers a large capacity of water or water/foam mixture from a nozzle. The monitor is mounted on a stationary support at grade or elevated. We utilze Manual/Water Oscilating and Remote-Controlled Monitors.

» Manually-operated monitors have a built-in tiller bar or housewheel for hands-on operation.

» Water-oscillating monitors automatically move side-to-side using water pressure as the energy source.

» Remote-controlled monitors include an electric joystick for operator control of horizontal, vertical and stream patterns.


Specific Fire Protection

Some manufacturing/treatment/storage methods ask for a very specific "custom made" approach. INGENIAL guarantees the problem analysis, fire protection solution proposal, acceptance with inspection/independent engineering consultants and the production + assembly of the installation throughout the globe. Each system, where ever possible, is submitted to a Real Life Test in order to confirm its good functioning.

Some field of applications where INGENIAL is active:

» Airports & Aircraft Hangars.

» Liquefied Gas Sphere Storage Tanks.

» Dry Bulk Storage & Handling.

» Biomass Power Plants.

» Coal Storage & Conveyor Systems.


Water Flow Control

Our knowledge in Sprinkler water distribution has resulted in the design and placement of advanced electronic and hydraulic control systems that meet the challenges of complex and diverse applications in waterworks distribution systems and fire protection systems. By controlling pressure, rate of flow and pump control, we can help improve the efficiency of both supply and distribution.

All kinds of valves are used, manual or motor-operated, which include Gate valves, Globe valves, Ball valves, Check valves, Butterfly valves, Bleed valves, Reducing valves, Pressure sustaining valves and Relief valves.


Quality & Certifications

  • » BOSEC - ISO 9001:2015 - VCA PETRO
  • » NFPA Member
  • » BFSN Member
  • » Quell Authorized Dealer
  • » Cold Store Service Partner
  • » EconAqua & ULF Mist Systems Dealer


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