Why Training ?

When properly installed and maintained, active hydraulic fire protection systems have proven to be the most effective means for protecting peoples life, property and buildings against fire.


A lot is depending on those systems, they need to operate and function properly when needed. Such systems must be maintained in an operative condition at all times and be repaired or replaced when defective.

They also need to be manipulated in a correct way, so that the systems remain completely operational.


Continuous training on the systems which are installed in buildings to keep up the knowledge about the system and its components is crucial. Therefore periodic training will contribute in good properly working systems within all its assets.


Basic Fire Systems Training

Basic Fire Systems Training focuses on the systems installed in your building or facility. We strongly believe being well informed starts with good technical information. INGENIAL delivers "custom made" user manuals about the different fire protection systems which are installed. So there is always availability about the system functioning and its specific needs.

These user manuals give insite about:

» General discription, Technical Data & Valve trim info

» Operating principles & Valve set procedures

» Inspection, Testing and maintenance of your system

The user manuals provide knowledge and skills needed to perform important actions on the different fire protection systems with efficiency and without dammage.


Our full-service, fully equipped technicians are experts in the installation of fire protection systems. Because they know how these systems are built, they know better than anyone how to repair, maintain and explain the operating principles. Before any system goes in service, at INGENIAL we give a hands-on training on your fire protection system, showing you different actions. Most imporant the do's and don'ts. After the "on the field" training, building owners or representatives have a team which manages the fire protection systems as a good paterfamilias.


Not yet an INGENIAL customer ? You've lost most information about your system ? No worries, we provide the same strategic approach, after a system audit we follow the same procedure, so you always have a solid information database combined with our services we believe in deliverring you customer satisfactory services.


Quality & Certifications

  • » BOSEC - ISO 9001:2015 - VCA PETRO
  • » NFPA Member
  • » BFSN Member
  • » Quell Authorized Dealer
  • » Cold Store Service Partner
  • » EconAqua & ULF Mist Systems Dealer


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