An inspection is a visual examination of a system or component to verify that the system or component is in apparent working order. The intent of the inspections is to look for obvious signs of damage or wear and, most importantly, to verify that water control valves are open.

Inspections are the most frequently requiered activity and provide a minimum assurance that the system and components are in operating condition.

Following frequency is performend for inspections and testing:

» Daily, Weekly, Quarterly

» Semiannual & Annual

» Three Years & Five Years


In the event where a fire protection system or component is malfuntioning or even out of order, we provide adequate assistance to bring the system back in service, as imposed by the codes and standards.


Periodic Testing

We perform periodic testing on the fire pump units. The purpose of this test is to verify the adequacy of the fire pump performance through its range of operating conditions. In meeting this objective, a variety of normal operating conditions and performance measures are observed during the test. The owner/inspector can then compare the current data to the certified shop test curve to quantify the pump degradation since its installation.

The sequence of this test is either performed weekly, 2-weekly or monthly, according to the prescriptions of the local authority having jurisdiction.

We provide additional testing services for all kinds of installations and components. Which are:

» Wet , Dry, Deluge Systems

» N.I., S.I. & D.I. Preaction Systems

» Quell & Cold Storage Installations

» Foam Sprinkler, Monitor & Generator Systems

» Standpipe and Hose Reel Installations

» Water Storage Tanks & Underground Piping

» Water Mist Systems


The property owner or designated representative shall be responsible for properly maintaining water/foam based fire protection installations.

Water and/or Foam based fire protection systems need to undergo actions to keep equipment operable and if needed having necessary repairs. After each repair the component shall be tested in accordance with the original acceptance required for that system.

Maintenance is sheduled within mutual agreement. Therefor the property owner or its representative has the posibility to inform the insurance company long before maintenance and/or shutting down a system. During the shutdown planned corrections and repairs are performend.

We make electronic records of all inspections, tests and maintenance activities. They are available for the property owner or its representative and at simple request the local authority having jurisdiction.


Interventions (Assistance Service)

A fire protection installation contains many parts which, by time can get faulty. INGENIAL provides a 24-hour assistance service. According to your specific problem we look and propose a solution to get the system as soon as possible up and running.

These unplanned problems may occur on:

» Batteries and battery chargers

» Starter Engines

» Electrical Resistance (pré)-heaters

» Rubber Gaskets

» Accelerators, P.O.R.V., P.S.O.V. & anti-flood devices

» Strainers & Pressure Relief Valves

» Mechanical dammage to the system

» A fire ...

We also work with planned shut downs. According to your planning, we do the necessary activities on your system. Whether its done for maintenance activities, new to build sections, retrofit. We plan, perform and put the system back in service all within the agreed time frame.


Please contact us if you're in need of technical assistance.


Special Underwater Techniques

Fire Pump Rooms equiped with an above ground storage tank or underground pool, at some point there might be circumstances which needs an intervention, but done on the classic way will lead to the complete drainage of the storage tank or underground pool.

This has a severe impact on the continuity of your fire protection system. Furthermore the environment undergoes an extra negative load since you have to drain and then refil the complete volume.

Our approach will keep the fire protection installation out of service, in function of the activity, for about 4 to 5 hours. After approval of the job, the system is put back in service. A welcome degree of security for both you, the insured, and for the insurance company. This without loss of water.

Activities which will lead to diving interventions are:

» Work on a test pipe assembly

» Wall thickness measurements

» Replacement of anodes

» Inspections of water storage tanks and pools

» Inspection of foot valves & other typical valves

» Assembly and disassembly activities


Quality & Certifications

  • » BOSEC - ISO 9001:2015 - VCA PETRO
  • » NFPA Member
  • » BFSN Member
  • » Quell Authorized Dealer
  • » Cold Store Service Partner
  • » EconAqua & ULF Mist Systems Dealer


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