Water Mist Technology

The term water mist refers to the spray of a water-based extinguishing system with particularly small water droplets. The small water droplets are generated by means of special sprinklers operating at higher pressure than in a traditional sprinkler system.

This considerably increases the surface area of the water droplets, and by exploiting the physical properties of the water a higher cooling effect and localised evaporation of the water both work to control the fire. This cooling and smothering effect enables a particularly effective fire fighting with minimum consumption of water. The adjustment of the system is achieved via the system operating pressure.

The following system types are distinguished:

» low pressure systems < 16 bar

» high pressure systems > 16 bar

Both have a similar extinguishing and fire fighting effect.






Low Pressure - Water Mist System (LP-WM)

The Low Pressure Water Mist Technology reduces the consumption of water by up to 85% compared to classic sprinkler systems. Prior to this system it was only possible to achieve this reduction with high pressure fine spray extinguishing systems that usually operate at pressures between 100 and 140 bar. The Low Presure Water Mist System achieves fire control with operating pressures of less than 16 bar.

The LP-WM System is similar in function and structure to a conventional sprinkler system making it very simple to understand. In addition, as the design and installation is similar to a conventional sprinkler system the end-user will benefit from all the skills and experience of the licensed installer INGENIAL.


The LP-WM System sprinklers are fast responding [RTI (Response Time Index) smaller than 50 and so respond quickly to a fire situation. In the event of a fire, only the water mist sprinklers in the immediate vicinity of the fire are activated Once the sprinklers activate the alarm valve opens up and the main pump is activated automatically. The water is sprayed through the open sprinklers onto the fire and begins to control it. At the same time an alarm is transmitted to the control and monitoring panel and often directly to a manned post and/or the fire service. The installation layout of the LP-WM system is very flexible as it can also be combined with other extinguishing systems such as hydrant systems and can be connected to the water supply of existing extinguishing systems, operating water networks and even drinking water pipelines. It is also possible to connect it to a classic fire brigade connection.

INGENIAL is a licensed dealer of the VIKING-EconAqua water mist sprinkler systems and of the TYCO-ULF (Ultra Low Flow) technology.

These systems can be used to cover several fire hazard classes as defined in the VdS guidelines for sprinkler systems (VdS CEA 4001) or NFPA-750. Furthermore the EconAqua Technology include fire hazard classes LH, OH1 (except production hazards), and OH2 (only surface and underground car parks).

» Government buildings, Railway stations

» Churches, Banks, Libraries, Restaurants

» Office & administration buildings

» Hotels & Apartment houses

» Hospitals, senior citizen’s homes, and other care facilities

» Multi-story car parks & Underground car parks

» Schools, Universities, and other educational establishments

» Penal institutions and approved schools







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