Performance Based Design (PBD)

Performance-based design is rarely simple, and never easy, particularly given the diversity of viewpoints arising from the involved stakeholders. However, for challenging fire protection problems the application of this process can result in solutions that provide performance superior to the prescriptive solution, while eliminating undesirable or unworkable features arising from strict adherence to the prescribed design. These improvements are usually achieved by
integrating all of the fire protection systems rather than designing each piece in isolation.


Ongoing research into understanding fire-related phenomena continuously improves the capability of the engineering community to analyze and predict the performance of structures and/or protection systems when subject to a fire event. Any proposed PBD solution requires acceptance by the Authority Having Jurisdiction and frequently the insurer, building owner, and other stakeholders as well.


The practice of PBD requires skilled individuals with a thorough understanding of fire protection principles. For this reason the application, evaluation, installation, and acceptance of Performance Based Design alternatives is accomplished by qualified INGENIAL professionals.






Tyco QUELL Fire Sprinkler Systems

The Quell Fire Sprinkler System is the first of its kind for cold storage, outdoor and unheated warehouse facilities. In terms of performance, the Quell Fire Sprinkler System effectively addresses a fire with a volume of water with a “surround and drown” configuration to rapidly reduce the heat release rate. This fire protection approach minimizes damage to storage facilities and valuable goods.

» The System does not require expensive antifreeze, which can leak and damage storage commodities.
» Ceiling-only coverage eliminates costly in-rack sprinklers and increases storage array flexibility.
» Provides the lowest installation and maintenance costs.
» Backed by the industry’s best 10-year limited warranty.
» Provides for the protection of high piled storage including single, double and multiple row rack storage as well as palletized and solid piled storage, of up to Class III commodities 12.2m and up to 14.7m building height and Group A cartoned unexpanded plastic commodities 9.1m and up to 10.7m building height.


The Quell System is the total cold storage/outdoor warehouse fire protection solution that delivers advantages in the areas at the top of facilities managers wish lists: higher-level storage and added hazard configurations. Because the Quell System brings new benefits in both areas, this system provides true bottom-line benefits for your unheated storage facility. Now you’re ready to stock more commodity classifications, achieve higher roof and storage heights, gain more flexible stocking configurations and reduce installation costs.





Viking ESFR Cold Storage System

The Viking ESFR Pre-Primed Single Interlocked Preaction Cold Storage System is fixed fire protection for refrigerated or cold ware­house storage. This system is also appropriate for unheated storage applications in areas subject to freezing. The piping system is filled with pressurized propylene glycol and water solution maintained from a pressure pump system that controls and maintains the desired solution pressure. This is a pre-primed preaction system with electric release that utilizes a deluge valve with conventional and electric release trims and listed release control panel with proper detection system. The riser consists of two Viking Easy Riser® Swing Check Valves, one with trim for preprimed preaction system and the second with by-pass trim to moderate the antifreeze thermal transfer in the system from the water supply.


The sprinklers used in this system are closed heat-sensitive Viking ESFR K25.2 Pendent sprinklers having an ordinary temperature rating of 74 °C. With this system, ceiling-only sprinklers are required and no in-rack sprinklers are needed. Single row, double row, and multiple row rack storage is required and sprinklers shall be located in accordance with applicable Viking Technical Data and the latest recognized storage installation rules of NFPA or the Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ).


In order to effectively apply 100% water as rapidly as possible, the system size must be limited in volume. The system uses either a 35% or 50% (depending on the minimum temperature in the area being protected) by volume mixture of propylene glycol and water premix solution. The propylene glycol and water mixture cools and adds wetting ability to control the fire until water is applied to suppress the fire.




Dry Type ESFR Sprinklers

The ESFR-14 and ESFR-17 Dry-Type Sprinklers are an easy to install, cost-effective solution for box-in-box cold storage applications. By eliminating the need for a pre-action system and in-rack sprinklers, the ESFR-14/17 Dry-Type sprinkler offers building owners cost savings, less maintenance and less chance of damage. The larger K-factor allows for lower pressures, resulting in greater flexibility in pipe and pump size. Backed by a UL Listing and FM Approval, the ESFR-14/17 Dry- Type sprinkler are the smart choice for box-in-box cold storage. Temperature in the freezers may go as low as -51°C. The ESFR-14 and ESFR-17 Dry-Type Sprinklers are supplied only from a wet system.




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