At Ingenial we start on the right foot by providing a very thorough bid preparation to ensure it will satisfy the local authorities, the insurance carrier, and most importantly your request. We have a higher level of experience, training, and professional certification than normal at all levels within the company. Listening to your needs and desires, we become a member of your team. Our goal is to serve as your long-term provider. As a team member, we solicit your input and concerns to allow us to tailor our service to your needs. We are capable of handling your fire protection needs throughout Europe. We think your investment demands the best protection! Plus, in many cases existing sprinkler systems must be altered to meet new occupancies, storage changes, or differing building uses. Ingenial specializes in making system modifications and upfits necessary to adapt existing systems to new system demands with a minimum of investment .

Advice & Consultancy

Ingenial offers advice and consulting services which identify key opportunities for improvement in fire protection systems. Our knowledge and understanding of your business is what distinguishes us from the competition. Our strength is based on our experience and knowledge so we can offer low cost solutions but always based on the latest standardsand newest technologies, ensuring that our recommendations provide the optimum solution. If you just require a fire protection design we can also help. Our experts would be glad to provide you with a fire protection system design according to APSAD-CCV-CEA-CEN-FM-NFPA-VDS rules. We can accept copies or by electronic media AutoCAD ® or DXF files. We will then complete your design as per specifications and mail hard and electronic copies out to you. We are always delighted to discuss the details.



The key to a successfully completed project lies in the way it is initially designed. Our designers draw upon the many man-hours of experience they have, both in the field and through their training and apply this to the countless original and perplexing situations that tend to crop up when planning a project. We provide innovative designs which take into consideration the latest standards, technology and industry trends and apply them to each unique situation.

Engnineering activities are located in following sectors:

» Industrial & Storage Buildings

» Commercial & Retail

» Air Ports & High Rise Buildings

» Chemical & Petrochemical Plants

» Pharmaceutical Facilities



Fabrication & Stock

All systems are prefabricated prior to shipment to jobsites. Piping in stock is pulled and prepared according to specification: welded, roll-grooved, mechanical or threaded systems in standard or thin wall schedules as required using. All systems are sandblasted and painted, or if required galvanised.
Ingenial maintains a large inventory of fire protection equipment of many fine manufacturers. Such as:

» Sprinklers & Nozzles

» Steel Pipes

» Cast Iron Pipes & Accessories

» Grooved Products

» Threaded Fittings

» Pressfit Components

» Sprinkler Support Material

» Valves & Accessories

» Fire Hose & Fire Department Connections

» Measuring & Electrical Devices

Equipment is available from inventory for shipment anywhere as an additional customer service.


We install fire protection systems in any size, whether it's in an industrial, commercial or residential building, Once the concept is accepted, we provide all the material and our trained technicians will completely install the system on site. We back our design and installation with complete support, working with builders to ensure on-time completion. We go for a reputation for high quality and fast installation and will provide your business with references in your area. Supervised by the project engineer, our technicians will:

» Work according rules and expectations imposed by the customer.
» Follow engineered plans and special instructions.

» Resolve unexpected situations.
» Meet your deadline.


After the installation is completed we conduct a full inspection  and testing of your installation and hand you the test results. In the event of an operational malfunction, our service staff provide you with assistance and initiate trouble-shooting procedures round-the-clock. Our inspection specialists ensure that the functionality of your system is quickly restored following any deployment.




























Quality & Certifications

  • » BOSEC - ISO 9001:2015 - VCA PETRO
  • » NFPA Member
  • » BFSN Member
  • » Quell Authorized Dealer
  • » Cold Store Service Partner
  • » EconAqua & ULF Mist Systems Dealer


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Kortrijk - 8500 - Courtrai
Belgium - Europe